Confessions of a Pack Mule




Woah, hold the phone, two posts in a row! Yeah Yeah I know I’m seriously slacking but I suddenly feel in the mood for writing, I have been “tongue” tied and sloppy for months! Remember way back when I said I was going to keep my writing skills up to snuff by writing a post everyday….that worked out well.

Ok so no one is perfect, but tonight I am here to tell you how to organize and pack for weekend get aways like a champ. Granted I have dropped the ball on this one this summer as well and basically lived out of the trunk of my car but sushhhh those you can’t do…teach.

Last night I did 4 loads of laundry, pulled all the bags of random “junk” out of the car and got my life back in order (at least for the mean time). Here’s how it’s done:

Start with a clean slate, empty your bags, pouches, purses or whatever “containers” you plan to use to house your STUFF. I love little makeup cases or purses and have accumulate quite a few over the years. These are the key to my success, when I use them.

The every day bag….

These are the staples that you put in a pouch and leave in your everyday bag, carry it with you. The “essentials” so to say. 

  • I pride myself on being a walking pharmacy, no one wants to be out and about with a terrible headache and no Advil. Also you can come to the rescue when you’re friend needs some. I like to buy the little travel tubes and refill when necessary.
  • Hair Elastics and bobbi pins. I cannot stand hair in my face and after I had the terrible idea to get a short haircut last fall with BANGS it is even worse.
  • Chap stick and hand moisturizer are another one of those things you never seem to have when you need them the most.

The nice to have bag….

This is usually the bag that I take with me when I am away for the whole day. I keep this close by but I leave it in my car when I don’t want the extra weight in my purse. I’m not a pack mule. 

  • Deodorant, never know when yours is going to fail you, especially on stuffy days in the office when you dress for the AC. (Yep- this happened Monday…ugh gross)
  • Makeup removal wipes so you don’t look like a raccoon in the case of a makeup meltdown or ichy eyes (allergies make you forget all about that carefully done eye makeup)
  • Earphones for those days where you just need to be in your own world or just need an extra pick up tune.
  • Mascara, Eyeliner, Small Pallet and Concealer- I am often too lazy to put makeup on in the morning but regret it the minute I see my reflection in the florescent lights of the public bathroom. I just feel better when I feel but together. I don’t wear a ton so I only lug the basic with me.
  • Small wristlet purse- for when I only want to carry around a credit card, some cash, my ID and my phone
  • Sunscreen- I never know when I am going to be out in the sun for long periods of time, and take it from me, that SPF in your makeup or moisturizer is LIEING!!!
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The weekend bag…

This is wear it gets tricky. If you are going on a trip that is planned this is ALOT easier because chances are you know what you are going to do, you have checked the weather and picked out your outfits. I spend my weekends with my family at the Cape, between the two sides of the family I bounce back and forth from two houses in a given weekend. I never know what I am going to be doing….”Oh BTW we are taking the family portrait this weekend” That is not what I wanted to hear, I brought only gross beach clothes and PJs. Not something I want to sit in a photo album for eternity. So this is how I do it….when I am doing it the right way. 

  • Lilly Pulitzer Shorts- these are cute but can be casual but classy enough to wear out and about.
  • Jean shorts- can’t go wrong here, they are easy to mix and match with different tops.
  • T-shirts- I bring 1 t-shirt with me to sleep in or wear around the house
  • Sleep shorts- I just assume I am going to be hot at night, I can always put a sweatshirt on if its cold.
  • Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt- while comfy it can be worn in a more put together look for the colder Cape nights
  • Colorful Skinnies and Dressier top- this is for those unexpected dinner reservations or family photo. Dressy enough for the restaurant but easy enough to stuff in a bag and lug it around without worrying about dry cleaning.
  • Swimsuit- enough said.
  • Towel- this can be used for the beach and/or outdoor showers
  • Tops- I stuff a bunch of different colored v-neck short sleeve tops in the bag to go with the shorts, sometimes I throw one I wore the day before on over my suit for the beach, that way I’m not creating more laundry and I’m just going to take it off anyways.
  • Gym clothes, you can also wear these to the beach or to hang out in around the house
  • Flipflops, Sperrys and Sneakers- flops for the beach and walking around, Sperry’s to go with the dressy outfit or to go out on the town with and sneaks for walking the dog or going for a jog
  • My real makeup kit- bigger, heavier but has the works.

The entertainment bag….

With technology these days it is super easy to bring books, movies, music and magazines along for the ride. 

  • iPad Mini- I got this for Christmas and it goes with me EVERYWHERE. My “People Style Watch”, my entire library of nook books and favorite TV shows are in one place.
  • Nook- I don’t bring my iPad to the beach to take on the elements, plus I cannot see it in the sun. My Nook has the paper-like e-ink that makes you forget you are reading on a “device”. No more pages flying in the breeze and sand dumping on you lap when you take the book out to read in bed.

The trunk of the car…

For that stuff you never use but may actually need one weekend. 

  • Sleeping bag- I keep it in the trunk for overnight sleepovers, sometimes I don’t need it but at least it is there.
  • Air Mattress- I stick this in the trunk as well when I am not sure what the sleeping arrangement is, this way it is there if needed.
  • Beach towel- for spontaneous trips to the beach or torrential downpours.

There you have it….totally just realized this is about the 100th post similar to “whats in my bag”….oh well.

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Summer Trends

As the summer comes to an end, I thought that I would go through some of the trends of my summer. Its been awhile since I have done a “my favorites” post so to catch up on some awesome stuff from the last couple of months here we go.

1) America’s Cup

The single most important race in the sport of sailing may not be the most popular but it certainly is an exciting time for us sailors. It is the first time that America has gotten the chance to defend the cup after losing it to New Zealand in 1995, finally gaining it back in 2010 during a DOG (Deed of Gift) match vs. Italy. This also means the it is first time in 18 years that America gets the chance to defend that cup in home waters,  and QUESS WHAT!?! I am going to be there! Watch the Louis Vuitton Finals  on TV this weekend to see who will challenge US Oracle in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more America’s Cup related posts.


When TV shows go on hiatus for the summer, pathetic reality shows and “repeats” fill the TV guide. This year I got into ABC’s new series “WHODUNNIT” by accident when I was flipping through the channels for something mindless. As  cheesy as it is I got hooked. 13 contestants move into a mansion with a creepy but likable butler as their host, fight for their life and $250,000. One by one the weakest link meets a horrific death forcing the others to solve the crime. The catch… the “murderer” is among them, they are only allowed to get some of the clues by themselves forcing the competitors to rely on each other not knowing who to trust. The season finale aired on Sunday but you can catch the whole season on ABC online. It surprisingly was renewed for another season so I guess I’m not the only one that watched every episode on the edge of my seat. Laugh all you want.


3) Living the preppy life…

I have always had a preppy side to me but this Summer I embraced it with open arms after stocking up on Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines on RueLaLa all winter. I added colorful patterns, pearls and/or hair bows to as many outfits as I could. I am trying very hard not to go nuts during all the end of summer sales, as the discounted price is still outrageous with these brands.


4) Spa Pedicures

I had my first true spa pedicure earlier this summer, I have always gotten quick normal pedicures were they buff the heck out of your feet to the point were it almost hurts. This was one of the best pedicures I had ever gotten, they buffed my feet with an electric gadget that was painless, and almost made me fall asleep with the massage. I tried OPIs “liquid sand” polish for something new, very cute for summer, very strange feeling its just like sandpaper! (I picked the one pictured below for my toes)

OPI Liquid Sand- The Bond Girl Collection in JINX

OPI Liquid Sand- The Bond Girl Collection in JINX

5) Jason Aldean’s Night Train Tour- Fenway Park

Country descended on Boston for a weekend when Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, and Jake Owen made history at Fenway Park. It was the largest concert Fenway has seen and it was amazing. Only in Boston will an entire stadium will go nuts when the DJ plays Neil Diamond in between acts. It was honestly an AMAZING experience, I cannot even describe not only the artists themselves but the vibe that filled the stadium. It was a great dose of Boston Pride.


That is all for now….just a nice sampling of my summer. I will leave you with this final video on this lovely Wednesday evening.

Kills me every time…

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How to avoid season change mishaps!

If you are anything like me, you probably have showed up at work in a heavy sweater when its 70 degrees or in flip flops when the temperature dips back to 40. You may also realize that your legs are so pale that it looks like you are wearing white tights under your shorts but your nose is red like a scarecrow. Well those who can’t do teach, or should I say those who make mistakes help others avoid them?

This weekend was beautiful and my first weekend down the cape. I was determined to get some sun and read a book on the deck. Turns out I was not quite prepared to make the transition yet.

Here are some tips to avoid mishaps:

1) Stock up on the sunblock-

Get yourself to Target and load up on SPF. I have made the mistake of using expired sunscreen to the point where I usually start over each summer. Target has some great package deals going on to help you stock up and save. They are now coming out with “Protect and Hydrate” lines of sunscreen that are very attractive to someone like me with dry skin. I suggest you buy at least one tube of lotion and a can of spray for those lazy days. Below are my picks for this year.

$8.99 at Target I chose this for my face because Aveeno is usually easy on sensitive skin, as the summer progresses my SPF gets higher.

$8.99 at Target
I chose this for my face because Aveeno is usually easy on sensitive skin, as the summer progresses my SPF gets higher.

$8.06 at Target  I get lazy sometimes when it comes to sunscreen and reapplying so I always have a spray can handy. I sail and know that no sunscreen is truly waterproof but it helps to find the ones that claim to be.

$8.06 at Target
I get lazy sometimes when it comes to sunscreen and reapplying so I always have a spray can handy. I sail and know that no sunscreen is truly waterproof but it helps to find the ones that claim to be.



2) Be prepared for the worst-

This weekend I turned myself into a lobster. Ouch. Aloe can get messy and sticky but last year I stumbled upon an amazing product. It is all natural and has healing and replenishing powers that many lotions lack. This helped me through some of my worst burns last year and I swear they healed faster than usual when lathering up regularly.

$9.99 at Target Totally worth the cost, it smells a little strong (herbal) but that is nothing compared to the benefits.

$9.99 at Target
Totally worth the cost, it smells a little strong (herbal) but that is nothing compared to the benefits.


3) Turn off the TV and grab a good book-

I have a Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch and I absolutely love it. It is easy to travel with as it weighs practically nothing, and the Simple Touch has the e-ink screen that mimics paper and is easy to read in the sun. I have a few books on my list for the summer but more on that later.

I started reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks over the weekend. I have had it in hardcover since it came out but never got around to reading it. Nick Sparks is great for the beach as all his books tend to take place in Coastal North Carolina.

I started reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks over the weekend. I have had it in hardcover since it came out but never got around to reading it before the movie was made. Nick Sparks is great for the beach as all his books tend to take place in Coastal North Carolina.

4) Hydrate.

It is extremely important to hydrate and remember to drink more when in the sun or heat. It is recommended that you take your body weight, divide by 2 and drink that number in Ounces of water. I came across a new brand of water bottles that I am obsessed with. Their brand name is “Bubba” which is my nickname so it is fitting. They are hot/cold tumblers/insulated drink ware that come with rubber straws for easy sipping. I now own two and a set of extra rubber straws just for fun.


Bubba water bottles can be found at Target and are about $10-15 depending on size.

bubba envy tumbler 24 oz 12 302306_31532385) Wake up your wardrobe.

I love that bright colors and cool patterns come out in the summer. Lily Pulitzer patterns are a must for my summer and my new obsession is Maxi skirts, they are so comfortable and you can still look stylish in what feels like sweats. If there is a season to be adventurous with fashion, this is the one, so have fun!

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Products I Stand By

I am a major product junkie, ask my college roommates…our bathroom was shampoo bottle ridden. I am constantly trying new things and often get roped into believe advertisements. If it says it helps static hair it ends up in my basket. The thing is, often I end up coming back to the same products. Trying new things can be great in some cases but there are just those beauty products that you keep coming back for. Here are a few of mine. What are some of your favorites?

1) Aquaphor

My all time staple. When I had braces in middle school I had horrible problems with chapped and sore lips. My doctor told me to get Aquaphor and put it on every night. I have been using it ever since. I have a small travel tube in all my makeup bags, in my car, and next to my bed. You can also use it on dry skin patches or minor burns or sores.

$5-15 at any drugstore (14 ounce- $13.95)

I was very excited when I read an article recently where Stana Katic, who plays Det. Beckett in Castle, listed Aquaphor as one of her staples as well. If only I looked like her.

2) Herbal Essence (Classics)

Remember the days where Herbal Essence used to have a million and one really awesome smelling shampoos and conditioners? Well they have brought a few of the classics back, and I was at Target buying my first batch as soon as I heard the news. If only they could ditch their new line and bring back all the oldies. They smell amazing and tend to work well with my very fine and oily hair.

$4 at any drugstore

3) Secret Clinical Strength

I’ve gone back and forth with deodorant, when you work in the sun and often end up getting wet (sailing) this is the best out there. Even now that I am no longer a sailing instructor, I still go back to this.

$7-10 at any drugstore, they come in all different scents and purposes, I switch it up when I am not sailing.

4) Lancome Bi-Facial Double Action Eye Makeup Remover

While expensive this is one of the only eye makeup removers that I can tolerate. Many sting or just don’t remove makeup. It lasts a long time and is definitely something I will continue to use.

$24 at Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy’s

5) Lancome Dual Finish Powder

My roommate in college introduced me to this great foundation and while I explored other options for a while I just went back to buy more of this. It comes with a sponge for more coverage that you can dampen for extra coverage and a puff for lighter coverage or finishing powder. I love that it isn’t messy and you can control the amount of coverage you want. It is versatile and tends to work on my dry skin. I’m going to stick with this for a while.

$38 at Nordstrom, Sephora and Macy’s

6) Garnier Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller

This is great for days that I wear makeup but also days that I do not. It feels great with the cool to the touch metal roller and it is packed with moisturizers and a touch of caffeine to freshen you eyes. While tinted it blends well and does not give me raccoon eyes.

$10-12 at drugstores

Honorable Mention:

FAB- First Aid Beauty

I have metioned this brand in a previous post and while I cannot say that this is a product that I keep coming back to, since it is new, I need to point it out. I can not say enough great things about this brand, it is made to mimic prescription creams for troublesome skin and is great for dry and sensitive skin. I started with the facial lotion and ended up ordering a kit full of more great products. Check them out at Sephora or go online to

$45 limited edition (no longer available in a set, every other product is sold separately) Sephora or

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Meet Dori, she is a rescue dog that came through the shelter I work for. I met her her first night in the kennel, she was stressed, clawing to get out and would not stop barking. I was afraid to leave her so distressed that night. The next night when I was tucking the dogs in we put this bed in Dori’s run. She snuggled down right away and she looked up at me, licked my hand. Dori is just one of 100s of pups I have seen come through Save a Dog, undergo this type of change. It is amazing how a little bit of love can change a life.

If you would like to help change the lives of more precious animals, please consider sponsoring….